scary squirrel world DOG GONE IT

Patriots, pathetic skwerlhuggers like to portray slavering chitterboxes as the innocent victims of aggression by man and beast.

Of course, Patriots know better. And those of you who follow our When Skwerls Attack feature also know the truth: the bushytail horde feigns timidity when it's really plotting some savage ambush or other outrage against humanity.

Consider the photos below. They were found on the Animal Liberation Front web site. ALF provided no comment to go along with the photos...


Patriots, photos do not lie and it's perfectly clear what happened here:

In the first photo, a nice doggie tries to help a poor, "hurt" skwerl. We know the doggie is nice because its owners let it roam free of a leash. Certainly, if it was a bad dog, its owners would leash it to prevent it from attacking other animals, eating babies, or crapping on picnics.

Unfortunately, the nice dog is about to learn that no good deed goes unpunished. For in the second and third photos, a second chitterbox leaps at the dog in a terrible, unprovoked attack. Note that the demonic skwerlball goes right for the jugular.

Finally, in the last photo, the skwerls have made a clean getaway leaving the nice doggie bruised, confused, and humiliated.

Patriots, there is no doubt that the victim here is the good samaritan dog; not the crazed nutzys that ambushed it. But the fact that the dog is still standing begs the question, why didn't the skwerls finish the hound off?

We can only speculate, but there are a number of possibilities. Perhaps, the skwerls meant the attack as a warning and hope that the nice doggie will tell other local predators to steer clear of the chitterboxes (click skwerls for comment).

Or, and this is more likely, perhaps the nutzys planted a tracking device on the canine so that they can track and locate not only the dog, but its owners as well. In that the case, the horror isn't over....

ATTENTION SKWERLHUGGERS: Were you appalled by this horrific attack? Are you prepared to reject skwerlhuggery and the false promises of squirrel world domination but can't quite break away from your addiction? May we suggest joining Skwerlhuggers Anonymous - the easy 3-step program that will free you from the shackles of skwerlien oppression...


Thanx to Patriot Mary for tipping us to this story