by patriot adam

Brown little fluff-ball,
chatters like a madman.
Deepening bite in my soul.
Deepening bite in my hand.

Little chitter-chatter demon.
Little chitter-chatter box.
So to you my wrath unravels.
A pox on you all! A pox!! A pox!!!

Shed my blood to entertain,
your dire wants. What is your bane?
A shovel head, a moving train?
A hissing snake, unbearable pain?

You'd take me down, just if you could.
Don't act so sweet...I know you would.
You'll follow me, until the end.
Seeking me, and all me kin.

Watching the news,
the squirrels, they come...
Lock all the doors,
load up the gun.

Step out in the snow,
the wind blows cold.
Though fear builds inside,
I will not fold.

A weight on my back?!
A chittering sound!?
Throw my back at a tree!
"Chitter!" Pound!! Pound!!

The squirrel falls off,
lays limp on the ground.
A choir of startled squeaks.
I have been found!!

All of the creatures, and the
mercy they lack. So
run, be paranoid, 'cause
the squirrels...

they're back.