by Anonymouse

Squeak a doodle...
He's a runnin' on a twig like a fine French Poodle.
Squeak a doodle--
If he keeps on a-runnin', I'm a-lose my noodle.
Shakes his tail like a dusting rag,
He cleans that branch, and the cat's in the bag,
Three little rats will voice their decree;
We luv squirrels and the squirrels luv me-eee
I once saw this lovely gray squirrel,
Barking way up on a tall tree limb
Defending his rightful terr-itory.
No other little nutkin can bark like him.
That little nutkin, warm in the sun,
Looking quite snug, like a fresh-baked bun.
The little gray nutkin, collecting his food,
He knows life is basically pretty gooood.
Looking straight down from that branch on high,
Exemplary rodent, and a fairly swell guy,
He will not bark in prideful rage,
Keeping so quiet like a fluffy gray sage.