Poems reflecting on the bushytail horde from our readers.
Chosen at random and presented here on occasion.


A squirrel I am, A squieel I amm - by anonymous

Scurring,scurring About and around,up and down,trees and lines
Gathering my nuts for the time
Nibling on a morcel,and stashing a bunch,for my oncoming lunch
I,scurry for my life,always in strff
Scurry,fidgity and up the tree
My nest is on my west and in my east is some beast,looking also to feast
The winter is here but I do not fear for my huts are near
scuryy hurry the snow is afllurry
quickly with my prickly claws I climb my tree
Where I can be free to be Me
He Wore A Question Mark - by anonymous

he wore a question mark for tail,
an overcoat of gray,
he sat up straight to eat a nut .
he liked to tease and platy,
and if we ran around his tree,
he went the other way.
With Each Hop - by anonymous

His tail quivers delightfully
With each hop
As he crosses the frosty yard
And he raises his head,
Attending to what's around him, And climbs the tree
With short bursts of speed
And pauses to listen
And enters the hole
In the very top
I know
I need
To prune that rotten part,
Paint the stump of what's left
And burn the rest,
That kind of wood
Helps start the green
Wood I burn
And it would help
Save the tree,
But I need that squirrel more
These cold mornings
And I need that hiding place
Pasture Poodles - by anonymous

Pasture poodle in my sights.
I had him dead to rights.
I blinked to scratch an itch.
He ducked the little b*tch.
A Tribute to Chipmunks - by Helen P.

A stripey suit you wear to work,
And daily chores you do not shirk.
O chipmunk with your cheeks so round,
You dash away with seeds you've found.

In storerooms deep you stash away
The goodies that you find each day.
When winter snows are cold and deep
Beneath the ground you snugly sleep

Sometimes you wake to fill your face
With seeds picked from your storage place.
And once the weather's nice and warm
You'll steal our hearts with all your charm.
A Squirrel Poem - For Squirrel Nutkin and Squirrel Bobtail
by Mildred

I am a pretty squirrel
In my grey silk coat
Looking for a nut to eat
Looks like I missed the boat.
Fluffy - anonymous

Fluffy is a little squirrel,
He lives in a tree.
I love Fluffy,
And Fluffy loves me.
I'm the Squirrel - Reba

The day is light
The sun is bright
I'm in the tree
Humans walk to close, I see.

They walk down low
I look below
And pelt an acorn, at their heads.

They turn around
And down I bound
And get my squirrelly, friends.

Our team arrives
Sixty squirrelly eyes
Stare down the humans, as they flee

Us thirty squirrels
With tails that curl
Have succeeded as you, can see
FUZZY CRACKER by Anonymouse

hootie hootie hootie,
he's a litta cutie,
hootie hootie hootie,
he goes good with crackers.

he's a little ratty,
make of him a patty,
fry him up in butter,
such a goofy nutter.
(random whistling)
I Saw A Squirrel - by Heather derington & Kinzie Draper

i saw a squirrel the other day
in the yard with the nuts and blue jays
he looked real nice with his beedy eyes
but what happened?
a great surprise
i looked down at my argyle shoes
to see nothing but bad news
the squirrel was laughing
i was not
on that day i had a a thought
where'd i go wrong why'd he choose me?
why'd he hafta go pee pee?
Squirrelly Wrath Haiku by Skwerlhugger A.M.M.

the squirrel did chitter
a shot rang out through the wood
a human lay dead
A squirrel-ly haiku - by Brian

I hit a squirrel
He made it through three tires
But not the last one
Squirrels - anonymous

there in my yard
and on my roof
on my tree
i can see
how they jump with glee

eating nuts
driving me nuts
i like to watch them
gather nuts

climb on my screens
run through my dreams
i talk to them
like human beings
Don't Look Up - anonymous

all the time,
i gather my nuts
and wait paitiently
to kick some butts
watch out...
dont look up
or you'll get pelted in the face!
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Earl - anonymous

I have a pet squrril.
His name is Earl.
He likes to climb trees.
His best friends are bees.
He's not really brave,but he behaves.
Earl has a girl friend.
Her name is Juliand
They broke up and now Earl's mixed up..
Ubermensch/Unterskwerl - Simon Tagg

Look at me!

The one who destroyed... I think not.
The world is there for those that take,
And Mother Nature will submit to change;
That cruel goddess of all wisdom...

My grey enemy,
Prepare for me...
A man of nature!
A man of power!

Fun for me is a guitar and a gun
I write your death and celebrate it in song
I caress the walnut like a fertile woman
And ponder if this is an act of creation..?

A destructive cycle?
A final solution?
My grey enemy
I take your life.

Sometimes I wonder, I empathise
What would it be like to fall that far and lie with leaf
To wait for death in walking boots
To meet the priest of violent mercy

What world... to destroy?
To create!
We are men,
Nature’s beasts!
They Sting - anonymous

I love squirrels,
there realy sweat,
and they are so cute,
with there little feet.

I love squirrels,
they are in the spring,
but when there mad,
they can realy sting
Whistle While You Work - anonymous

Chainsaw buzzes in delight
Squirrel stew for tea
Squirrels are fun - Megan Kirk

Squirrels are perky squirrels are fun in the spingtime they like to run squrry squrry on the house squrry squrry like a mouse
Squirrel, Squirrel - Carl Miller

Squirrel, squirrel, running on my roof
Squirrel, squirrel, gnawed a hole right through
Squirrel, squirrel, tried to trap you but you evaded
Squirrel, squirrel, continues to access my attic you've invaded.

Squirrel, squirrel, rat traps were not effective
Squirrel, squirrel, even the rat poision you detected
Squirrel, squirrel, bought myself a pellet gun
Squirrel, squirrel,
You're done!
Ode to My Dead Squirrel - The Squizzel for Shizzel my Nizzel

Squizzero, I'm feeling blue.
All day long I think of you.
What there is I wouldn't do,
to have you back, my Squizzero.

Squizzeroo you know its true
All my time, I'll spend with you.
We'll sail along the ocean blue,
Just me and my Squizzeroo.

Squizzeroo, the one I knew
please tell me it wasn't you.
We'll still sail on, just me and you.
Just me and my Sqizzeroo.

In most loving memory of Mr. Squizzle 5/28/06. God rest his furry soul
Squirrels Are An Obsession- Mermibs

To some, Squirrels are an animal
To some, they are cute and furry
To some, they are a nuissance
To some, they are the enemy
But to some, Squirrels are an obsession

If Squirrels become an obsession,
then you should probably get a life
cause if Squirrels are all you live for
then you should get some help

All you who have written
a poem for this site
about beloved Squirrels
beware, you have no life
It - anonymous

it sniffs crack,
it jumps through bushes,
it's a tweaker,
it's a squirell!!!
yah baby!!!
im a ganstera squerrial - anonymous

im a ganstera squerrial i love to rap a song for u so step off step off im coming to your house to see what your up to so step off step off i love to sing song oh bye!
There Goes A Squirrel So Cute - Karissa Flock

There goes a squirrel so cute and furry.
How may i help that poor thing dearly!
So nice so sweet fairly treated!
I love to see squrrels eat.
They eat their nuts so fair to be seen
Just help them please
I would hate to see them be very sad.
Make them put a smile on their face!
Just wait till the squirrel comes to you!
The Skwerl Dance - Patriot Liam

Skwerls dance around their tree
Dancing very happily.
Seeing them do their nutty dance
Makes you wanna go in to a trance.
Dancing round the tree they go

Say it with me:
Go with the flow
Go with the flow.

Skwerls dance around their tree
Dancing very happily.
Seeing them do their nutty dance
Makes you wanna go in to a trance.
Prophecy - Patriot Xavier

A nise day
torn apart by the chittering menace
people run and scream
then nothing
the silenc of the grave.
Skwerlaggheddon cometh.
The Chronicles of Squirrel Death - Adam Smith

The squirrel raced across the base
across the road over a dead toad
at this pace he'll never win this race
hes going to slow he wont live tommarow
his face is as flat as a breifcase
look at his guts flow out his toe
what a waste he would've been so good to taste
Dead Squirrel - Monkeyspit

Dead squirrel, flat on the ground.
How did you die? Dead squirrel.
Was it cars driving by? Dead squirrel.
Did someone think you’d make a good dead squirrel tie? Dead squirrel.

Dead squirrel you frightened me. With your dead squirrel frozen face of agony.
Oh dead squirrel! Dead squirrel! You died.

Why did you die, dead squirrel.
Were you a good squirrel?
Did you share your squirrel nuts?
Were you a bad squirrel?
Did you spread disease and such?
Oh dead squirrel…please! Please! Please! Tell me why!

How did you die, dead squirrel?
Was it a child with a bee bee gun, taking aim at you for fun.
Or was it Ox, the rabid pit bull, that grabbed and then shook you.
Was it a bad drug, dropped by gang thugs, dealing outside!
Oh dead squirrel. Dead squirrel! You died.

Poor dead squirrel, that must of been a bad ride.
Furry Squirrel - anonymous

I'm a fur, fur, furry, squirrel,
With a bush, bush, bushy tail,
And I scamper here and there,
Scamper everywhere,
Searching for some NUTS!
I've got nuts on my nose, nuts on my toes,
Nuts on my head, nuts in my bed,
Nuts in my paws, nuts in my jaws,
Pop, crack!
Yum, yum!
...Yet Not - anonymous

a squirrel
so squirrelish, yet not
a squirrel
so squirrelish.....
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The Truth and Lies of Beatrix Potter - Simon Tagg

One I anthropomorphisised
A child I, my innocence lost
To scratching claws in search of sweets
Tales of the riverbank in my eyes
The well of pain from wisdom speaks

Now I dehumanise
A man with gun and sniper scope
I see your pretty rat-face framed
In my reticule I stop my breath
To take my shot and feel no shame.
So Bushy Tailed and Bright - Elainypainy-the leprechan

squirrel,oh squirrel, so bushy tailed and bright,
in the morning your out of sight,
but by night your gone with the slightest of a fright,
your merely a friendly nut eating creature thats so fluffy and cute,
but suddenly theres no one else to blame for that indecent bite,
the question is am i right?
Ode to a Stomach Ache -- Cinders

At the vet's little Fluffy sat glaring
With stomach in knots and eyes flaring
He believed it a nut,
He'd found in that rut
But instead ate a large steel ball bearing
Skwerls Run by Patriot Liam

Skwerls run up the tree collecting delicous nuts for me. They run back down and come to me and give me nuts as fast as can be. Woopdeedee! skwerlys running up their skwerly tree as fast as a jet all fleed running down their skwerly tree! Skwerls run up the tree collecting delicous nuts for me. They run back down and come to me and give me nuts as fast as can be!
Simply a Rodent - by Natedog

The sight of his teeth were too much,
a fixed yellow grin on the face of death.
The pellet ran true through
the back, neck.
A bloody stain
No longer cute in life,
nor pitiful in death,
simply a rodent
whose number was up.
How Fuzzy U Are - anonymous

oh squarl how fuzzy u are
u remind me of my son.
stupid, fuzzy and a BIG FAT....
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Across the Lawn - Skwerl Hugger Mallory T.

The squirrel was running away
From the man with hair of gray.
Chit, chat I hear him scream.
This wasn't a dream.
But I pinched myself just to make sure.
And in the real world the squirrel and I were.
The squirrel ran up to the street.
Crossing it was a dangerous feat.
But for that squirrel I would risk my life.
I started chasing the man and his wife.
And after they were long gone
I took off across their lawn.
The squirrel was about to cross the road
He started hopping like a toad.
The road was looking clear
And for that I had no more fear.
Dinner - anonymous

Many think you're cute
In Tennessee and Georgia
You will be dinner
Crawl - anonymous

They crawl, they they crawl.
Evil and unsure.
The horror... the horror.
Skwerly we climb along - Patriot Liam

Skwerly we climb along please always pick nutty sing the nutty picking song but please dont stop being nutty ! acorn peanut almond hazelnut walnut is there to ! my friend you see in a skwerly tree there's lots of stuff to do ! Skwerly we climb along please always pick nuttys sing the nutty picking song but please dont stop being nutty !
Ciara Skwerl - Skwerlypantsman

ciara skwerl, o ciara skwerl, you make J-Lo look dumb.
ciara skwerl o ciara skwerl do you like rum?
your favorite aminal is a yack, but do you smoke crack?
I Love Thee - Annie B.

I love thee little skwerllie You are so cute and furry! I love you little skwerlie Now come and let me pet thee! I love thee little skwerllie Oh woe! does your tail have fleas? I love thee little skwerlie Alas now I have the plague-y!!!
Crazy Little Furballs - Squirrelysara

Crazy little furballs running up and down the trees
your craziness and furriness comforts only me
Little One - Pope Daddy

Little one, so brown and fair,
why must you be sitting there
with your pretty little head,
soonly squashed by truck, and dead?
Must you chitter evilly
as the truck roars on to thee?
know thee not your fate will be
on his grill eternally?
Run, my pretty, fair and brown,
or the truck will mow thee down.
Or no, wait! Stay put and see
if you like your destiny.
For, alas, you ate my garden,
and though I could grant a pardon,
by honking at thee with my horn,
I would rather see thee mourn.
So I'll pull aside my Harley
and enjoy the gory parley,
for you shannot punish me
without suff'ring spitefully.
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The Squirrely Squirrel - skylar & jeremy salmen

the squirrely squirrel is very neat,
what a retard he is in the street,
the squirrely squirrel went under a car,
thank goodness, it missed it by far,
the squirreley squirrel came to me,
what a sight it looked to me.
In the Bushy - anonymous

Evil lives in the bushy, in the bushy
Pure in its paganistic loathing
Bushy marches on, on through the night
Made dark by its shadow.
Please Don t Chase - anonymous

I walked outside and what did I see
But a furry grey squirrel just starring at me
I moved a bit closer to see if he d run
But he just sat still, oh boy this was fun
I crept a bit closer to see what he d do
Then all of a sudden here came his whole crew
About ten squirrels came down from the trees
They all started snapping and bending there knees
Then one squirrel yelled Come on let s attack!
I started to run but kept looking back
I thought to myself this must be a dream, squirrels
Can t come up with this kind of scheme
I am the chaser they not supposed to chase me
Then into the house I went, I was free!
I was painting for I was out of breath
The squirrels they surprised me and scared me to death
The squirrels all stopped right outside my screen door
To look at them closer I sat on the floor.
For I new I was safe behind the sturdy screen
Squirrels are supposed to be nice but these ones seemed mean
Then one squirrel spoke up in a squeaky squirrel voice
We wanted to like you but you gave us no choice
Every day you come out here and chase us away,
When all were doing is trying to make are way,
In the forest we go in search of some food
Then out you come running and ruin are mood
So please don t chase us, please leave us alone
Will gather are things then quickly scurry home
We wanted to scare you for you to feel are pain
Trust us were nice we have nothing to gain
I said I was sorry, no more squirrels would I chase
I ll never forget the happy look on all the squirrels face
He said thank you then the rest of them said it too
Then off they went all the whole crew.
From the day on me and the squirrels share a special link
I when I pass by they smile and give me a wink.
Lament of the Squirrel - Matt N.

Little furry

Why can't we have it?
little treats
even jelly beans

Whither did you go?
To take my nuts roasted with honey
To shake your little fist with rage
And chatter your violence
scampering through my feilds

Lament for gone are the days of peace
between man and skwerl
Lament for your furry brothers in war
lost to the turning wheels of my honda
Lament for your wooden homes now lost
turned to bits to make my chair that rocks
Lament for the world man at large
in our search for truth we've forgotten
Look -anonymous

Look at you evil
Men blaming the squirrels
WE destroyed the world
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