by patriot katz

I'm just a little skwerl-
Don't pay any attention to me.
I'm just sitting, sitting in your old oak tree.

No need to wonder,
No need to scratch your head.
No need to wonder why your flowers are not yet dead.

Why have I not dashed in front of the shiny car?
Or stolen your prized birdy seed?
Why have I not lashed out at the little children-
making them run and scream?

Look away, Look away
You do not see my bright red eyes
Nor my blood -stained paws and fangs.
You do not see into my evil skwerly mind-
So you will not see our plot.....our little suprise.

No, no. Stupid human,
Owner of the dreaded shot gun,
Let your eyes pass o'er me,
As your garden gnome and I plot your demise.