by skwerlhugger Mallory T.

Run, squirrels run.
Climb the trees it's fun.
Skitter, skatter across the grass
You travel in a large mass.
Some of you are brown, some of you are gray,
i watched you from my bike on that very sad day.
The man grabbed one of you by the tail
and whacked you against the ground.
It made a very faint thumping sound.
I screamed, "Oh no!" Look at that man go!

Why must this happen?
The squirrel never did anything wrong.
he had just been sprinting around the lawn.
I begin to cry, I must save the squirrel,
I must try!
But the man is too big and strong
I get on my bike and ride along.
Crossing Adams, I fly down 6th.
I thought killing squirrels was only a myth.

Run, squirrels run.
As fast as you can.
He can't catch when you're off the land.
I gather acorns and other various nuts.
I will make a safety hut.
"Come my squirrely friends!
Save youself from the crazy man!"
Squirrels from miles around
Come. They run, skip, and bound.
"SQUIRREL REFUGEE! This place is run by me, Mallory!"

My squirrel friend once said.
"There will be a time when you find your squirel friend dead."
But for that innocent squirrel, why did his life have to end?
Now as I sit in band,
I think of a safe squirrel land.
Where the squirrels run free.
And they won't have to flee.
Squirrels deserve to be treated fairly
like you and me.
I love squirrels, you should to.
Squirrels need me, and they also need...