Squirrels 2000
from patriot marc

Hey you sign the pledge
Squirrels 2000
its for the best

No More Labour
No more lies
Just us squirrels
Sign now or die

Look you know its better
Let us just see
We'll even leave your garden alone
Let's call this a freebie

No we don't blackmail
That's restricted to your kind
Where just adorable squirrels
of the fluffy kind

Come on now you can see it
on the news at ten
Loads of squirrels in parliament
bugging the PM

Stand for the right honarble squirrel
that would be the cry
We'll even change the anthem
to one about squirrels in time

Please sir now i have spoken
Vote for our squirrel pledge
it's only a matter of time sir
squirrels 2000
it's for the best!!!