Squirrels 2001
by patriot marc

Squirrels 2001
We have the fury one's on the run
Their hiding in the forest
Armed up with uzi guns

Now its come to this
A showdown of a sort
Time to take revenge
And blow squirrels heads off

But first to brake the lines
With some canny squirrel deception
leave some dynamite
5 4 3 2 1.....

Now the lines have broken
It wont be long till their gone
But hey looks whats happend
No squirrels to be seen at all

Looking through the broken plants
Arghhhh weve been done
Squirrels on the Hirizon
Their circling us all around

Damn thoses canny squirrels
This wont be the last time
Time for a re-group
Us humans will never die!