by skwerlhugger molly kule

Why should black squirrels tremble at the sight of
Men with their wacking sticks in the fields of Battle
Creek, Michigan, hey, Creek, Michigan, yea
For they will defeat them
With sugared cereal.

Death will be with them as they eat their corn flakes
Frosted with sweetness that shall make them quiver
Insulin shock, dear; Insulin shock, dear -
It will surely set in when they're done their breakfast!

Then, Bannertail will bite all the nuts off
Dumb PatRiots who tried to kill squirrels
While that seems nasty, while that seems nasty,
Those nuts won't be missed, dear, by those ignorant men.

Life, to the squirrels of the town of Battle
Creek Michigan will once again be rosy.
Kellogg'll be revered, Kellogg'll be revered,
By all the black squirrels, there in Michigan, dear.