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Patriots, we've tracked the scientific community's interest in the bushytail horde for many years. One study that keeps resurfacing observes the predator-prey relationship betwen the California Ground Squirrel and snakes.

This first came to our attention in 2004. A scientific study performed by Aaron Rundus at the University of California, Davis, observed how California dirt nutzys raise the temperature of their bushy tails to warn rattlesnakes to back off or else. Rattlesnakes use infrared sensors in their noses to locate prey and to sense danger.

Rundus also noted that the skwerlballs do not heat their tails when confronting gopher snakes because they do not have infrared "pit organs" in their nose. Thus, the ground skwerls were able to tell which snakes had infrared abilites and which didn't - a significant finding at the time. The following short, infrared video clips demonstrate the behavior.

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Infrared imagery shows nutzy reaction to rattlesnake (L) and gopher snake (R)

Rundus considered the dirt nutzys reaction a defense mechanism. He suggested the heat signal could function to distract the snake's attention from vulnerable young or simply as an indicator of the adult's presence.

Rundus also proposed to build and deploy a robotic skwerl to further his research. Clearly, the Rundus experiment had little to do with animal behavior. We warned that it was yet another thinly disguised project funded by the bushytail horde and pathetic skwerlhuggers to create a robotic superskwerl.

Note that we say "another" plot. It's long been the bushytail horde's dream to field an invincible robo-skwerl that can destroy any war machine in humankind's arsenal. The earliest known robo-nutzy was named "Squee." Created by Edmund C. Berkeley in 1951, Squee was the skeletal prototype for what followed.

Today's robotic skwerl has a far more sinister appearance...

The shocking photo above came to us anonymously with the following message:

Robotic Skwerl being developed !!!
End of the world?

ROBOSQUIRREL! In collaboration with engineers at UC Davis, we have developed a biorobotic squirrel. Its outer covering is the skin of a real adult squirrel and inside it is heated by copper coils. Additionally, it can be controlled to tail-flag with or without infrared heat. We keep it in squirrel bedding so that it smells like a live squirrel. Thus, it has the visual and thermal appearance, as well as the smell of a live squirrel. We will use this robot to see how snakes respond to tail-flagging with and without infrared heat.

The message included a link to a clandestine website soliticting donations for its project, a squirrel-snake face-off (see link below). A promotional video describes the project in more detail...

The website itself leads to more information about the project's director, Bree Putman, and the project which is a collaborative effort between the University of California, Davis and San Diego State University in southern California.

The study's stated purpose is to find out why "out why squirrels approach snakes and tail-flag, behaviors that seem logically maladaptive."

Patriots, we can't speak to the merit of the Face-Off project. However, it's very clear that those involved are ignorant to the threat of squirrel world domination. How else does one explain a statement that the skwerlien behavior they observe is "logically maladaptive."

Yes, as one of Our Pals in the Animal Kingdom, the snake is a valuable ally. They devour untold numbers of skwerls in an effort to hold back the bushytail horde.

However, it is skwerlhugger nonsense to imply that dangerous, maniacal chitterboxes are the victims here. In fact, the slavering nutzys are murderous aggressors who attack poor innocent snakes without provocation.

Need proof? Watch the disturbing videos below. The first video shows a thug of a skwerl kicking sand in a petite little snake's eyes. The second video shows a deadly encounter between a nutzy assassin and a harmless bull snake.

Patriots, this brings us back to the threat of the roboskwerl. The similarities between the earlier Rundus project and the Face-Off project are obvious. Moreover, it seems that the Face-Off project is taking the next step forward in the evolution of a nutzy drone. If such projects succeed, how long before the bushytail horde creates legions of robo-skwerls for one purpose and one purpose only: to destroy civilization and shackle the survivors to the yoke of squirrel world domination?



But how long before it's hunting you?