scary squirrel world A SHOCK TO THE SYSTEM

Patriots, over the years, we've repeatedly warned about the bushytail horde's plans to decimate infrastructure all over the world. Highways, railways, waterways, nothing is immune to their devious machinations. However, one effort stands heads and tails above the rest: the slavering chitterboxes attacks on global power grids.

One recent example, is the nutzy assault on Vermont's Statehouse. As you will read, the attack was carried out by a single suicide skwerl:

MONTPELIER, Vt. (AP - 01-14-2016) Electricity to the Vermont Statehouse was cut off for a while, and the reason is a little squirrelly. Officials say a squirrel got into an electrical transformer outside the Statehouse late Thursday morning, triggering a short that caused a power outage in the building. A generator kicked on and the building operated on reduced power for about a half hour while a Green Mountain Power crew completed repairs. In some Statehouse rooms, lights flickered like a strobe for a time. A doctor's testimony via phone to the Senate Health and Welfare Committee was abruptly cut off. The squirrel did not survive.

While the outage was short-lived, one can only imagine the seizures and terror caused by the strobing lights and the darkness that followed. And what of the doctor's testimony? What was it that the demonic busytails didn't want heard?

Also, should we be comforted by a statement that the skwerl did not survive? Hardly. This attack is proof that a single nutzy can bring our government to its knees (click skwerl below for hideous chitter)...

Of course, pathetic skwerlhuggers will mourn for the deceased terrorist, claim that it's an isolated incident, and demand that utility companies everywhere skwerl-proof their facilities, not to prevent blackouts, but to save the lives of their skwerlien overlords.

The thing is, no amount of prevention has or will stop the bushytail horde from cutting power to its targets. Skwerls have taken out airports, entire towns, even Nasdaq - twice. From 2004 to 2007 we tracked the number of nutzy-caused outages in the United States (see our Huff-n-Puff report linked below). Not a single month passed without at least one chitterbox attack on the power grid. And still the minions of squirrel world domination claim that their precious nutcrunchers are the victims in these incidents.

Fortunately, our conclusions have been brilliantly confirmed by website Cyber Squirrel 1 (link below). The genius behind this website simply queried Google Maps for when and where skwerlien attacks on the power grid occur. The realtime results are indeed shocking. Moreover, Cyber Squirrel 1's data shows that skwerl-induced blackouts are happening around the globe...


Patriots, thanks to the objective evidence provided by Cyber Squirrel 1, pathetic skwerlhuggers can no longer deny that their bushytail overlords are continuously targeting the grid that keeps humanity connected and functioning. More importantly, we must continue in our righteous struggle against squirrel world domination lest civilization ends not in a bang, but an electrifying chitter.

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Cyber Squirrel 1