Patriots, many of you read our 2010 feature answering the question, are dead skwerls fun? The short answer to the question is, of course, there are many ways to enjoy dead squirrels (see feature link below for more info).

However, our feature did not address the question, at what age is playing with a dead nutzy approprite? So, we were interested to see the respone to a video clip of a little girl capering around with a recently deceased skwerl.

We offer the video clip for your consideration below. Before viewing it, a little backgound. The clip appeared on YouTube in May 2011 and quickly went viral. It was shot by the girl's dad and features the skwerl, the girl, her mother, and the family dog. There's no indepth prequel to fully explain the events that transpired prior to the video. We do know that a vicious, slavering chitterbox attacked the poor dog, the ensuing struggle ended badly for the skwerl, and dad filmed the aftermath. Also note, the clip may not be suitable for small children or big babies...

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After the video appeared, we waited a few days to see how people would respond. We harvested the following opinions from various news sites and blogs:

"The little girl is adorable but this is disgusting! I would NEVER allow my child to play with a filthy, dead animal! Are you mad!??"

"Yep. We have a future murderer here. No empathy. Bad parenting. This was a very, very distrubing video. I am shellshocked."

"I am almost speechless at how disturbing, unsanitary and disgusting that is. I understand a child's curiosity, but dear LORD MAKE HER PUT IT DOWN AND WASH HER FROM HEAD TO TOE IMMIDIATELY!!!!!!!!!!! And while you're at it, teach her that a dead body is not something to play with. Why do I feel that - 20 years from now when she is killing men with ice picks - this video will find its way onto CNN?"

"The father is not condoning morbid behaviour but reveling in the innocence of his child, plus itís a hilarious situation thatís bound not to happen again. The childís fine but I recommend some laxatives for the anal retentive viewers leaving phobic comments."

"Speaking as a father, I wouldn't say this is bad parenting at all. Just the opposite, in fact. No matter how much attention you pay a little kid, they get into some pretty gross things and do some pretty disgusting stuff, often before you have a chance to do anything about it. The squirrel obviously was newly dead, and once the girl picked it up the damage (germs and such) was done. The best thing you as a parent can do is not overreact so absurdly that you give the kid a complex for life. Let her explore for a minute, then take her inside, give her a bath, and disinfect her. "

Patriots, the comments above are a respresentative cross section of opinions from pathetic skwerlhuggers, common citizens, and Patriots. There were also a number of protests against posting the video online in the first place:

"...I don't know why, when something disgusting, disturbing, or dangerous is happening the first inclination people have is to run for the video camera. I really don't get it. That's what gets me most, instead of teaching the kid something for a little bit and then acting in a safe, responsible, adult way, the parents film their kid, laugh at their kid, and then put their kid up on youtube."

We happen to agree that people shouldn't post this kind of video. However, our objection isn't based on moral outrage.

There is a much more obvious consideration here. This family obviously lives in an urban or suburban setting where the bushytail horde is presnt and allowed to gambol amock. It's very likely that the event was observed by other skwerls - skwerls that may be plotting their revenge at this moment. That alone is bad enough, but to record and post the video online also gives the slobbering nutzys an invaluable propaganda tool. Specifically, they can exploit the video to recruit more pathetic skwerlhuggers and to rally their own against humankind.

So the question becomes, can a child have fun with a dead skwerl, learn a valuable life lesson, not promote squirrel world domination, and have that fun recorded for the world to see on some video dump?

The answer is a resounding yes they can. Consider the next video titled "Jasper T Squirrel's Viking Funeral". In it some young men (albeit not children, physically) prepare a floating funeral pyre for a dead nutzy...

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Patriot, why does the Jasper video work while the other fails miserably? First, it honors a fallen enemy with a proper send-off to whatever skwerlien Valhalla awaits it. Who can object to such a touching display of compassion? Second, the participants are obiously having fun doing it, and who can object to a little levity at times like this?

So parents, why not take that flea, lice, tick, and ring-worm infested nutzy cadaver and turn it into a teaching tool. Let your child learn that even though we should all oppose squirrel world domination, we are a compasionate people.

And at least we don't eat our dead...

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