scary squirrel world WHERE DO SQUIRRELS COME FROM?



i belive that skwerls originated inside a ball that was kicked by a much larger skwerl who inturn originated from a ball kicked by a larger skwerl and so on and so forth...
They come from you guys! Because you send them just to annoy us and then you make this site just so we'll think that you didn't.
First, Logic met mechanics, and then god blew up, and out came a Skwerl
they crawled from a volcano
Skwerls were invented by Doctor Malcolm Dribbige to combat the flood of Faery-Tales being imported from Denmark during the economic crisis of 1952... once their job was done skwerls turned on the good doctor and ate his hat. loaded with hatty goodness they swarmed London nibbling carpets until their natural enemy, Mister Jones from down the road at Number 47 arrived with his skwerl whacking stick. since this time they have been locked in a possibly eternal battle due to end this thursday, between Good and Skwerl!
they musta fell from the sky ,because they certainly did not come from across the road !!
I'm sure that the merchants made SKWERLS so that we would have to buy lawn and patio furniture every year!!!
Once, when I was camping in Florida we were setting up our tent when one fell out of the sky and splatted in the pine needles next to us. He sprung up and ran off and I think this is probably a prime example of Where skwerils come from, don't you think???
they are aliens trying to secretly invade earth!
They are technically the smartest creatures from here to Neptune and are the people behind every conspiracy theory since the 1940s. They've been around for longer than you or I could ever imagine.
sqwerls were sent here by aliens, to erradicate all human life from earth, take over our homes, jobs, eat our food and overall colonize our entire planet
they are gods
well of course they came from the underworld!! well of course they came from the underworld!! well of course they came from the underworld!! well of course they came from the underworld!! well of course they came from the underworld!! well of course they came from the underworld!! well of course they came from the underworld!! well of course they came from the underworld!! well of course they came from the underworld!! well of course they came from the underworld!! well of course they came from the underworld!! well of course they came from the underworld!! well of course they came from the underworld!!
They are really rats who have been subjected to enormous amounts of refined meteor rock (kryptonite) in a secret Luthor Corp. laboratory, in order to make them super strong.
i think that sqirrles come frome the trees
They are the illegitimate offspring between a rat and satan when he was having a bad acid trip and thought the rat was actually adolf hitler
skwerls evolved from monkeys in the happyland era. they are obnoxiuos little nut-squishers. YAYYYYYYYY
They evovled from humans the remaining humans are just slow evolvers.
God created the squirrel to get rid of the nuts in the world. It was one of his best creations... Thankyou..... jubilee
they love you so much they feed you, they fall out of the sky from 100 miles away, they love you so much you'll crack forever back they come from 100miles away they look so sweet but they have sharp teeth they will defeat you ~By Maddie
This one is for Wizzy Kirby and Aunty Zoey... Well, one day this guy named Phillip Johnny Bob was walking around his town in Texas. Texas had just declared independence from Mexico. But one day Mexico wanted to get revenge, but they couldn't fight themselves. So they had their evil Dr.Kwerl make an evil army of cuteness and fur. After they were all made,Kwerl named them after himself, because he was a self-centered jerk. The Kwerl species didn't like this, though. They wanted a new name. So they used all their brain power, and eventually remebered all the alphabet. So one their paper were the letters E, K,L, R, W, and S. They didn't have the letter 'S' in their name, so they added it to the beginning to create Skwerl. They were now ready to attack. However, because they had used all their brain power to think of the alphabet, they couldn't remeber what they were sent out to do. So instead they went to Wisconsin, where they played at the parks, and eventually they spread out into the rest of the world, out to get everything else (except acorns) with their Skwerly wrath, which they didn't know they had, and still don't to this day. And that is how skwerls were created and spread out into the world. ~Tash
ekkorn er onde vesner som har tenkt å ta over verden i år 2087
ekkorn ner de første meneskene
They come form another dimension where super-intelligent beings known as miringbunts live. Squirrels are the smaller versions of the miringbunts, and in order to dominate other dimmensions the miringbunts ordered the squirrels to invade the other dimensions, because as we all know squirrels are capable of such things.
Skwerls r not going to take over the world. they r not because when i shoot them i eat them and they taste like chicken. Sumwat lke the delicious nuts from the delicious tree
you shred acrons and get a squirell
Squirrels come from under the earth
well it should be noted that all dogs no matter what breed dispize skwerls and dogs as an anchent and powerful race have much knolege. i believe that squarles were a faild exparement that once unleached became the masters removing the fabled dog thumb and enslaving them. it was not untill the cat allience were squerlles forsed back to the trees. then came the war of the wiskers to devide the dogs and cats but that is some thing eltce intirely. dogs remain around humans because due to our opposable theumbs we are able to creat things to combat the skwerls. sorry about any spelling errors
from planet hhuwhfgvdhswj
I think they come from Mars
From God like everything else. And if you are going to run a general knowledge site, don't start off by denegrating the President of the United States. I assume you are trying to be witty - but you just came off as a self-rightous, disrespectful, liberal idiot.
pres. bush sold his soul to the devil to have them created, but they turned on him and now are planning to conquer the world and tomake all of mankind their slaves and force us to pick nuts for them all day!!!!!!!!
they fell from the sky's of sparta as punishment from zeus. they came in mini coopers and their vehicle of warfare, radio flyer wagons.
a blonde graying weave made it with a chipmunk and there is how the squirrel was born
They're a cross between a human and and a fox which happened when evil sparrows ruled the Earth
skwerls are like cancer- they will kill us all - they are a super breed created by germany nazi scientists - they are designed to kill and maim Nostradamus even predicted that in the year 2007 - the skwerls will rise against us and the earth, completely scorched will turn to dust!
they came from they're mommys
The same God that created you and me created squirrels. By the way, they can be quite tasty. Also, where did you ever come up with that "primordial ooze" crap?
Liberals and Democrats are squirrels
i think squirrels are the spawn of hell and will eat my nuts
When do squirrels have sex, they make baby squirells( from hell )
I think that skwerls came from space. at the dawn of time there were giant aliens that hoped on random planets defecating and urinating. Due to the bacterias present in the defecation, Life slowly evolved. So we were all at one time Giant feces. anyways the Giants being quite large harboured large amounts of lice, Which due to their size were actually Skwerls. these skerwl lice, hopped of the giant while he was pooing. The intentions of these Skwerl immigrants were evil. And so they built factories and production plants, causing the process of evolution to proceed at a much much slower pace. If it werent for these Skwerls. Our human Civilization would have been millions of years more advanced. but then sumthing in the plants went terribly wrong. Their steady Quarantine facilities sumhow managed to fail. Probably due to the lack of stewardship, because the Skwerls had become quite lazy during the last few million years. So life escaped and evolved. And so the Skwerlian race lost its place on earth. But they are still secretly plotting humanities destruction. Bidding their time waiting until humans destroy themselves.
They came straight from HELL. Not even the devil can control them. They are possesed!
well i think they just came natually like we did or to twist things up they came from a sientific axident that made them and most go rampage
my theory is they grew on flowers
My theory is god poofed them onto the world without a trace
well it is all complicated how it all started its like they born was by creatures from the bottom of the deep blue scary ocean
what my other theory is they was born by dinosaurs
what my theory is they came out of a volcanoe after the dinosaurs died
skwerls are natural walnut peeling dolls otherwise known as our TVs nutcracker ... therefore skwerls i conclude came from mens hairy armpits ...
Okay, mah theorye isth, tha' When evelotion came 'roun, an' befor monkeyies were borne, thei grew outta rockes an' thus because they couldn' find nuts they atei the' rocks, tha' made em, that's how their teeth got hard, thus also creating the beaver...and theorye has it, that monkeys originated from skwerls themselfs, thus, we came from skwerls! How we lost our teeth, lack of nut appetite,lack of fur and tail, height growth and other skwerl watknots, i'll leave for u ter thoerize for meh, AMEN!
batmans descendants
Squirrels are from Cleveland. Everybody knows that.
When Aragorn kicked all the evil orcs and goblins out from Middle-Earth, they all transmogrified into squirrels and invaded our Earth.
Skwerels were created in a secret undergound coning factory.
I think they are a great creation that fell from the sky... hence flying squirrels.
I think your anti-American introduction is uncalled for!
god created man...and everything else... except skwerls... and then... the devil himself rose up and created the furry menace... AND HE LAUGHED AT GOD
Scwerls Are supernatural critters that fell from the sky.
If they bite you. I'v been bitten many times, but not by a squirrel. It would prpobably hurt. I'v got bitten by my bunny and my dog. I still have it on my thumb. I prbobly made her mad. My dog bit me while I was feeding him left overs. If you get bitten by a squirrel, I am sorry for you. Good bye, and good riddence.
They came from eggs
i think squirrels come from the trees relly. thay are not vishers i think thay are cute
Its actually 'squarels'. There are also 'roundels' and 'triangels' but they live in other dimensions. One time a squarel escaped into the world of the roundel. He tried to live in a vacant roundel hole but found that his legs wouldn't fit. Hence the saying - "you cant fit squarel legs in roundel holes".

Theres also a case of one squarel escaping to the world of triangels. His name was Ezekiel Toothy. He jumped on the back of a pet hippopotomus that belonged to one of the triangels and thats how mathmaticians worked out the theory of the squarel on the hippopotamus thingy - anyway, you do the math.
the fell from the sky into radioactive ooze which gave them supernatural abilities
They are Deamons created by satan to destroy us all
Skwerls are the monsters in your closet and under your bed. By day, they gather nuts and scamper around trees. At night, they turn into monsters and torment little children everwhere.This is 100% true. My son complained of monsters under his bed. I went in with a .45 pistol [Glock 36 -buy your's today!]and a homemade flamethrower. When I fired a warning "whooosh" under the bed with the flamethrower, more skwerls then I have ever seen in my life came running out. I began to randomly pick off targets from my firing point while my wife provided support with a Viet Nam era M-60 machine gun. Little Billy nailed anything I could'nt hammer down with his "Red Ryder" BB gun [I modified it to shoot sharpened tooth picks]. When it was all over, thousands of skwerl bodies littered the room. A nosy neighbor had called the police. When the showed up I told them my gun had gone off accidentally when I was cleaning it. They bought the story. In the morning, we carted off all the dead skwerls and dumped them in my neighbors yard. The sunlight turned them back into normal looking squirrels, not the evil hell-demon skwerls my family had dealt with the night before. Let me ask you this - have you ever seen a squirrel at night? I did'nt think so. Ever seen or felt that there might be monsters around at night? These would be skwerls. Thank you for time... and BEWARE!!!!
Evolved like the rest of us stupendous badasses.
Ebay? But ask not where do they come from but the reason why.
Aliens captured early humans and mutaded them into squirrels
They came from the bowels of the earth.
Ma theory iz tat tey came outta da big bang tat god created our universe in but da devil put dem dare squirrels in
they come from a magical world filled with nuts and they were brought here by evil wizards who also liked eating nuts. now that the squirrels are here they will devour all nuts until there are none left.
Skwels come from the MOON! Did youz never wonder why they eat nutz?
They are birthed by those icky people we sometimes have as neighbors- the proof you ask? Just watch who feeds them and tell me if they aren't a wholly skwerlly group of people. They only look like humans, in reality, they are rodents in human clothing.
Squirrels fell from the sky because an interdimensional portal let them loose from their home, the 9th dimension.
I think skwerls are the hottest animals in the world. If I were a skwerl, would love myself!
i think that squarls * you morons dont know how to spell* are justa subsection of rodents that evlved from the first mammal that evolved from din. from fish from bacteria, this is all simple shit, you will all feel my squirly rath , sighed your lord and master, foamy
squirrels were here before man was created in fact they helped create man with god yes squirrels are god so they come from hevan
They will evolve to become the dominant form of life on earth unless we stop them now. Oh, they definitely came from space as part of an alien plot to subvert humanoid life in the galaxy.
I never thought twice about squirrels untill i moved to Rushville, then one day crack i get hit with an acorn right in the side of the head. I look up only to see a squirrel.Every time i went on that porch i was hit with something by that squirrel. Your site has opened my eyes to the real plot of the squirrel trying to drive us out of our home.
the evil canadian squirrels are taking over the world the dolphins are helping them (not really they are on our side) and a alien from neptune told me and my friends we can live on neptune while the dolphines exterminate the squirrels so we wait in antisipation for the alien to return
Skwerls have never existed, they are spirits disguised as fluffy animals. their real power lies in reaping souls. you should notice if you watch closely that wherever a major catastrophe strikes mankind, a circle of at least 3 dancing skwurlz can be found nearby. this is their deathchant.
yhay come from deep undergrond caverns
Skwerls come from a paralell universe called "quilionintembo"( i hope i spelled that right). They were first brought to this dimension by a physicist from Ohio named Hubert Scotsford. Hubert waz messing with some atoms, a box, a bomb, and his frind Shrodingers Pet... The result of the expirement was a strange creature teleported back to this dimension in place of a dead cat. he duplicated the expirement until he got a male skwerl. it took him 300 trys to sucessfully teleport a male sxwerl. Unfortunately all of the female squrells were hideous and he could not get the male to mate wih them. So after a few hours, 3 cases of Monarch and a little convincing... these horny little creatures multiplied beyond belief. X-Shrapnel-X
Squirrels were created by God approximatly 6000 years ago... They were taken (2 of them) on Naoh's ark about 4400 years ago, they survived the flood and late (around 2005) became super human and destroyed the entire world... This story mostly true and provided by S.K.U. (Squirrel Killers United)
Swerls come from a distant planet called Squirrlton. They traveled here after being forced to leave their plantet by the evil Elawayns. Obviously this was the only other inhabitable planet closest to their galaxy. So they came here and live in harmony with nature.
i love you! that is my theory! have a wonderful day! go squirrel's!! YAY!
I think SQUIRRELS[the right way to spell it!] came from nature. Nature made everything after He created the world.
squirrels are created by the underwold master (whose favorite nuber is four). she (yes SHE, trust me, i know) clones them. she has an army of aproximatly 2,600 skwirels. a common misconseption is that squirrels MATE. THEY DO NOT. they clone themselves. many people think that just like other animals, they die. THEY DO NOT. they are recycle. by the way, skwirels are not animals. they are something greater than that. trust me, i know.
Well...if god created animals and earth then obviously they had to of fell from the sky
they came from our mind
i think squirels are all summoned by the squirely one.the one who is foamy.they are all his squirely minions
the big old stupid squirel evoleved into a even more stupid and smaller squirel
i believe that skwerls came into being when great, horrible, lovecraftian god-creatures roamed...they were too busy being horrible to clean their dryers' lint-traps, and so the fuzz coalesced to become the ill-tempered precursor of all modern skwerlly wrath...
there is actually no such thing as a squirrel...its an ILLUSION!
skwerls came from the sky but not from aleins they just flew down because they knew that one day the population of acorns would rise up against them but they had to stop it! so they came to destroy the acorn menice thus explaining flying skwerls!
the skwerls are a highly advanced speicies and therefore they know there smarter then us but one day when the blacks skwerls have destroyed all heaters and car engines and phone lines(etc..)...then they will be the rulers for we will no longer have the power the guns or the will to survive that is the motive of the skwerl i am writing this from the secret skwerl base in wisconsin theyve captured me and they have told me their plans the skwerl scumbags must die viva la resistance!! oh no there coming holy shitaki moshrooms!!! aaaah *chichi**POW!* oh no my shotgun its jammed i dont think i can make it 116 out *krsh*
They fell from the sky as the nut from the tree. This I do believe.
My friends mom had a squirrel as a pet, it was named rudy and lived in her back yar. They would feed it every day, but this one day it ran away. My mom has a bird feeder just for squirrels. She watches them. It is kinda creepy, but sorta okay. For my birthday she bought me a shirt from the wild bird center. May i say stylin'. Yeah squirrels came down as a mere particle from the matter that became the moon and evolved as a seperate alien race that will one day overthrow the humans
I believe that skwerls are from Canada. They came over to the U.S. on surfboards! They came to Canada from...the middle of the Earth! They are molten creatures from the center of the Earth.
I believe that the evil demons known as squirels started off just like the rest of the mamals but on their cellular level something went wrong...terribly wrong GO TEAM HUNTERS
My theory is this - Nazi scientists genitically enginered them as the perfect shock troops. The scientists found the skwerls could not be controlled. They sent them back in time, using a time machine [alien technology, hoping the dinosaurs would kill them off. It turned out to be the other way around....
Skwerls came from China. My chinese friend Sam told me so.He said they were demons sent to earth by the great Demon Master Creem-Ov-Sum-Yung-Guy. When the chinese people came to North America, the skwerls came with them, hidden away in their luggage. The rest is history.
Skewerls come from the sky. I've seen them fall from the mothership. I wasn't even very drunk that day.
The DNA of a skwerl is closer to human DNA than humans. Doe's that make sense? No. Plus anything that can walk on a power line and is not a bird is pure evil.
They form themselves.
Squirrlez are actually not really squirrels.They are actually Gods first attemptof making a human....he added too much fur extract..and well then the after this mistake God got really angry and decided to banish the "humans" to pre antartica where they got really cold and on a trip for food they found a plant and split it amongst themselves...and well you can guess....the squirrel was born!!!How do I know this? Because I'm one of them Muahahahahahahah
The Dork Lord Sauron took innocent chipmunks, and held them in his dungeon. There, poisoned, mutilated, and tortured, they were transformed into the evil skwerls that we know today.
In my opinion? My opinion is that Tufty the Traffic Safety Squirrel is not the villainous leader. Yet it is none other than the mutinious... Ice Queen! Me! Mwa hahahaha! You see when we go into hibernation, we begin to build our weapons to fire radioactivev walnuts! And when we stock up on nuts for the winter... We are morphing them into MORE SQUIRRELS! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! World domination for the rightful rulers is about to come! Fear humans! FEAR!!!!-Ice Queen
Skwerls are what you see before you die. They really came from the under ground city so Skwerls-o-topia. They know were you are, they watch you in your sleep, they know how you will die. But luckly, they plan to invade the earth in a few years so we have plenty of time to live. Unless...your next on there list.
one day, in mid sea, a baby fish decided it was too boring in ocean and so he climbed out. upon dry land he needed new girl friend. after long searches he found a mouse. the mouse refused to follow him back to sea. therefore he stayed with mouse on land and had a family of 5. after thousands of years the mouse fish offspring developped into small, bushy-tailed animals. As they were too small to fight, they learned to climb trees and eat nuts. but to this very day they have nightmares of sharks. ~camille, 8yo squirrel
I think squirrels live in every dimension and galaxy and have been secretly awaiting our destructrion so they dont have to do any work in world domination, just breed like they have never bred before! I also belive they planted human seeds but now we have grown suspicious we shant be here long.
i think that when a mother and a father squirrel love eachother very much....
one day hairy hippo quiefed and there sat a skwerl
thet they came from a toxic spill and mutated in t kd hay im chris
i think skwerls are larger versions of mice sent to destroy us and dominate the world..and the reason that people think that skwerls are cute and cuddle is only am illosion that they play so it would seem there harmless but in actualality they are ingenuos little monsters of the nuts and plan to steal our nuts...thats just step one.. but i'lll stop boring you with my thoughts of the impending doom that is to come from these furry menace's..Thnx for lising to my skwerly rant from a human!
i personally believe that they were the creators of some parrallel universe. they played their way around and got bored. then they found a loop-hole into our priorly sane and happy world. the feindish beasts, bent only on world-domination [of course, what else?] and bringing the two-legged down one-by-one through the humiliation of bad hair days, they then corrupted our adolescent population, invented drugs, sex, and rock&roll to further obliviate the once-stable teens of our world, suggested taxes be forced on the people to the first king/emperor/indian chief/president/elder/dictator/queen/duke/earl/prince/whatever, influenced the masses to watch reality television as if it were some sort of redeeming program, and finally, their most haenous act, and primal transgression unto mankind, was to clip our wings. that's right folks, my great-great-great-great-great-great-great grand-aunt by marriage 3 times divorced and remarried to my adopted great-great-great-great-great-great-great grand-uncle on my ex-step-mother's cousin Lupe's father's side of the family told me when i was a youngin' that i ought to beware the evils of the squirrels who clipped the wings of mankind and be grateful to the glorious squirrel-slayers of olde who fought bravely and paid with their lives so that i might know a less horrifying future free of squirrels. the tragedy of it all is that the squirrels have not be destroyed as of yet. but it is my duty as the almost-direct-heir of the squirrel-slayer legacy to conquere the fuzzy beady eyed enemy and free our children and their children from this oppressive state that the average ungrateful teen is completely oblivious of. though they are so noteably ungrateful and undeserving of such freedom, due to their ignorance and pitiful inability to think or fight for themselves, i will strive to bring them this dream. the dream my adopted great-great-great-great-great-great-great grand-uncle on my ex-step-mother's cousin Lupe's father's side of the family once had. a dream of a brighter, less squirrelly world. i hope you will join me in my quest to destroy the daemonic beasts, who pose an ever-raising threat to our very lives.
Skwerls are angels with bushy tails
They came from Vin Diesel. He got bored one day and forged them from the earth with his bare hands.
They come from Texas.
i, jeff da squirrel, shall tell you.(after all, you need all the help you can get to fight my skwerlian army!) once upon a time in a galaxy far, far away, when i was but a chubby-cheeked baby skwerl, there was a planet called SKWERLTOPIA! but, a horrible civil war tore Skwerltopia apart. We were banished by Skworas, our god. Now, when we take over this world, Skworas will have to accept us!
I think that Skwerls have been send by the might Pandas the spy on their enemys, the Pandas! And we are only bystanders.
I have no idea where they came from, nor do I care. Squrrills can be both useful and entertaining little critters. Useful in that they taught me and a lot of little boys how to hit a moving target with our first 22 rifle. Entertaining in that I enjoy their frustration as they try to get into that squrrill proof bird feeder hanging on my back porch.
You all have nothing better to do then sit at your PC and type that the squirrel is part of some sectret organization that is planing on taking over the world. I believe that you all are so sad, sad indeed. If you have nothing better to do with you time then start an anti-squirrel cult then so be it but you really need to make way for real evolutionary findings on the internet. This is no joke, squirrels ROCK!!!!!!!!