scary squirrel world TUFTY'S PROPAGANDA FILM


Tufty the Traffic Safety Squirrel is the sinister mastermind of squirrel world domination and crafty commander-in-chief of the Squirrel Enforcement Army (SEA). He'll stop at nothing to spred his pernicious brand of subliminal propaganda and corruption.

Consider his "traffic safety" video popularly known as the "Ice Cream Van Incident". In it, one of Tufty's Inner Circle Thugs, Willy Weasel, throws caution to the wind and runs across the street to the Ice Cream Van. He's hit by a car going between 50-60 mph (approx 80-97 kph).

Unbelieveably, Willy surives (as he does in so many more encounters with dangerous, moving objects).

For years, many thought that there was only one version of the Ice Cream Van Incident. However, we've discovered an earlier version in our own archive of Tufty propaganda. The earlier version is many times more violent than the latter. We offer both here for your consideration (in Flash format). We suggest that you watch the official version first; then compare it to the director's cut. Our analysis follows.

Be forewarned, what you are about to see is very disturbing...

rated R for violence against weasles



SYNOPSIS: Tufty sees an ice cream truck and goes out with his mummy to get a cone. Meanwhile, an unescorted Willy Weasel gets a cone but is run over crossing the street. Miraculously, the weasel survives. Tufty says always cross the street with your mummy.

OUR ANALYSIS: the film's subliminal message, and it doesn't matter which one you watch, is obvious. Tufty makes it very clear that if you don't do things his way, you'll be hurt, terribly.

ABOUT OUR ANALYSIS: Anti-Squirrel Coalition experts in the field of subliminal marketing pointed out the following cues and/or stimuli to support our conclusion:

The use of an ice cream truck represents the decline of civiliztion. Why? Everyone knows that ice cream trucks are used to distibute products that promote tooth decay, juvenile diabetes, and other horrible afflictions that weaken civilization.

However, ice cream also represents our humanity. Here, it precedes pain. Thus, we are encouraged to turn to the skwerl-side to avoid the pain of being human.

As for the storyline, Tufty follows his mummy to the ice cream truck. No "normal" child would ever let their mummy get to the truck first. Our experts agree that Mummy represents an impenetrable barrier. Thus, Tufty is stating that resistance to skwerl world domination is futile.

The weasel (looking remarkably like an unemployed ET) survives. Our experts calculated the speed of the car that hit Willy Weasel at over 50 mph. Clearly, he should have been killed instantly. This imagery is meant to invoke a sense of false security in those that might resist (so they'll be easier to round up later).

Tufty instructs us to always cross the road with our Mummys. Here, the image of a fortress and its meaning: if you side with Tufty, you will be spared; if not...


The analysis also fails to mention that Tufty had called the Ice Cream Company in advance to set the weasel up ! Tufty then called the Weasel Kid, knowing he would not wait for his Mother, and told him of the impending arrival. This information was gathered from the phone records of Tufty by using the authority of The Patriot Act. ~Signed, Beseiged in Nebraska

I Don't think that tufty framed anybody he is my bestest frind and he would not do that.
I have a feeling that this is propaganda, supplied by the Communists in the late 1840s.
I think this is cute! If more squirrels would watch these films, they wouldn't get hit by cars so often!
we must save the Earth from the bushytails!
Show "kids" the reality of life and stop f__king sugar coating it!!! damn sugar coating nazi b's!!!
I love squirrels so I would let tuffty And his arm take over the world on one condition....If the humans are there leaders.
tufty sucks
We don't care what you think. We think he's cute and innocent and we love him. ~Juni&Emma
The world is a much better place because of this website...