scary squirrel world VACATIONERS BEWARE

Patriots, an informed source tells us that Iran may have unwittingly stepped into the struggle against squirrel world domination when it broke up a skwerlien spy ring attempting to infiltrate the country.

At first, we figured this person must be delusional, but a little research led us to, a popular Iranian blogger's web site.

Mr. Kamangir's blog includes the following entry which he swears is an accurate account of a news brief released by Iran's official news agency:

According to IRNA, the official Islamic Republic news agency, the national Police chief has implicitly verified the news about the confiscation of a number of squirrels, equipped with eavesdropping devices, on the Iranian borders. He has declined to give any more details, but, reportedly, when asked about the confiscation of 14 spy squirrels, he stated, "I have heard about it, but I do not have precise information". IRNA adds, "These squirrels were equipped by foreign intelligence services, but were captured two weeks ago by the Police".

Patriots, it's unfortunate that IRNA did'nt provide more details about the foiled nutzy plot. However, we can reassure the Iranian government that this is one conspiracy not sponsored by deranged Zionists and/or their imperialist American lackeys.

CLICK FOR HIDEOUS CHITTER No, this horrid affair has Tufty the Traffic Squirrel's Squirrel Enforcement Army written all over it. But why would the drooling nutcrunchers have any interest in Iran?

Could it be that Tufty hopes to overthrow the Iranian government, enslave it's people, and do it all in time to swarm over Iraq after America withdraws from that fiasco? (Click Tufty for comment)

Then what? Well, the Middle East covers a lot territory, and if ever there was a case to made for the domino effect, this is it...